Valor H5 1100M Natural Gas Fireplace

The Valor H5 direct vent gas fireplace is a large format gas fireplace with a compact design featuring a generous viewing area of 575 sq. inches. The Valor H5 offers a warming and realistic wood-burning experience for everyone to gather around. It is packed with the latest technologies to ensure your fireplace becomes a comfort and economic investment.

Besides all the great fuel bed, liner, and front customization options the Valor H5 offers, the high-definition ceramic logs will heat up quickly and glow beautifully, offering a warming and highly realistic wood-burning experience. Combined with the impressive flames and glowing embers the new V-Class burner system provides, your fireplace will quickly become a popular conversation starter.

Generates and spreads as much heat with as little fuel as possible

The Valor H5 direct vent fireplace is engineered to maximize the amount of heat that can be generated from your fuel. This makes it extremely efficient and maximizes your heating potential.

  • HeatShift technology will harness the heat rising through your fireplace and put it back into your home for everyone to enjoy. Up to 60% of the generated heat rises through the fireplace so it’s extremely important to recirculate it back into the room. HeatShift will not only take care of the rising heat but will also protect heat-sensitive objects or materials placed above your fireplace like a wall-mounted TV. Want to know more about the HeatShift system, check out this video that explains Valor’s HeatShift system 
  • The secondary heat exchanger will spread the maximum amount of convective heat generated by your fuel, eliminating the need for a fan.
  • The V-Class burner system will not only make your fireplace as realistic as possible, creating impressive flames and glowing embers, but will improve the performance of your fire. High temperature, consistent, vibrant fire, and impressive radiant warmth.
  • The durable and robust ceramic glass will make sure every little bit of radiant heat is reaching every corner of your house.
  • And to top it off, the aluminized steel firebox will ensure efficient and even warmth throughout the entirety of the fireplace’s use.

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