Valor H6 Natural Gas Fireplace

The Valor H6 direct vent gas fireplace is a unique large fireplace that provides a realistic-looking wood fireplace experience. It comes with realistic looking logs, a HeatShift system, and zone heating technology. The H6 is Valor’s largest fireplace with a 40% larger viewing area than the Valor H5. You’ll enjoy a wood-burning experience without the cost or the hassle of burning real wood.The H6 will always be smooth and painless installation thanks to the versatility of its tapered sides and shallow depth. Outdoor installation is also available.

Aimed towards great warmth and top efficiency

The Valor H6 Direct vent gas follows Valor’s mission of providing the best technologies that will ensure your warmth without burning a hole in your pocket.

The fireplace is designed to tackle heat preservation and efficiency from every angle possible:

  • Zone heating technology will heat the areas of your house you’re actually utilizing. Fireplaces that use zone heating technology are up to 30% more efficient than central-forced air systems.
  • Heat shift technology will not only protect heat-sensitive objects and materials above the fireplace but will also harness up to 60% of the convective heat that rises through the fireplace and push it back into your house. No generated heat will go to waste. Want to know more about the HeatShift system, check out this video that explains Valor’s HeatShift system 
  • A secondary heat exchanger will utilize convective heat to naturally circulate it to your room. Once more letting you feel as much warmth as possible with as little fuel as possible.
  • Valor’s custom fire beds are engineered to project as much radiant warmth as possible in a steady and even way. Allowing everybody in the room to feel your fireplace’s warmth.
  • Additionally, the great quality of the durable and robust ceramic glass improves radiant heat performance significantly.
  • Finally, the Valor H6 ensures warmth is delivered in an efficient and even manner, thanks to the aluminized steel firebox, carefully designed to prevent rust and wear.

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