Valor L1 Linear Gas Fireplace

If you’re looking for a widescreen gas fireplace to warm and illuminate your living space in a stylish and efficient way the L1 linear gas fireplace is a great choice. The Valor L1 is their smallest linear fireplace, a highly effective radiant and convective heater, the L1 raises the standards for widescreen fireplaces. Aiming to provide a great heating experience with realistic and entertaining flames, the L1 linear fireplace offers a wood-burning fireplace experience for a fraction of the cost.

Additionally, you can mix and match the various fire bed, liner, and trim options to create a fireplace never seen before.

Wood-burning experience for a fraction of the cost

The L1 linear fireplace simulates a real wood-burning fireplace experience but without the cost or the hassle of burning real wood.

The warm, impressive flames, and glowing embers created by the V-Class burner engine combined with the high-definition, low-mass fiber logs create a realistic-looking fireplace for everyone to enjoy and admire.

But besides the realistic fireplace, the L1 linear fireplace is equipped with various other features that ensure maximum warmth with top efficiency.

  • The aluminized steel firebox provides a consistent and even stream of warmth for everyone to feel throughout the use of the fireplace.
  • The durable and robust ceramic glass increases radiant heat performance significantly so everyone can enjoy the warmth provided by the fireplace.
  • HeatShift technology will harness and utilize the rising heat that travels through your fireplace. Additionally, it will protect any heat-sensitive object or material above the fireplace. Like art or a wall-mounted TV. Want to know more about Valor’s HeatShift system, check out this video that explains Valor’s HeatShift system

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