Valor L2 Gas Fireplace

The Valor L2 linear gas fireplace is a luxury gas fireplace and one of the most versatile linear fireplaces on the market. It is a premium product that has high-efficiency, and a realistic-looking fire. Built with a big viewing area of 50”, you’ll be able to admire the impressive flames and embers the fireplace showcases. Furthermore, the V-Class burner engine provides an amazing fire. Combined with some modern technologies this linear gas fireplace is a great heating option, whether it’s indoors or outdoors.

Equipped with top-performing V-Class burner engines

Equipped with V-Class burner engines the Valor L2 fireplace doesn’t fall short on performance. Impressive flames that deliver great radiant heat, hot glowing embers, and ultra-realistic logs, provide a luxury fire that will catch you discovering more details at every glance you take.

Also, a series of additional features make sure your fireplace generates maximum heat with the least amount of consumption.

  • HeatShift technology will not only protect heat-sensitive objects and materials above your fireplace, but will also gather the heat that rises through your fireplace and put it back into your house to make sure no heat goes to waste. Want to know more about Valor’s HeatShift system, check out this video that explains Valor’s HeatShift system
  • The aluminized steel firebox handles high temperatures and delivers steady and even radiant heat in the room throughout the entire use of the fireplace.
  • The high-quality ceramic glass improves radiant heat performance to make sure everybody feels the comfortable and even warmth of the fire.

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