Gas Inserts

What is a gas insert?

Gas inserts are a great option if you’re looking to upgrade your existing traditional fireplace or masonry fireplace. They’re a lower-cost option than removing a masonry chimney and still offer great aesthetics with top heating performance and efficiency. Gas inserts work by using clean energy, like natural gas or propane, as fuel to lower heating costs and eliminate the hassle of burning wood. Nonetheless, a flame and embers are accurately simulated to create a realistic wood-burning atmosphere.

They’re designed to be installed within an existing fireplace opening or masonry cavity and ventilate the unit using the existing chimney.

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Why Install A Gas Insert?

The benefits that a gas insert offers over a traditional fireplace are plenty.

  • Efficiency. Thanks to the technologies that are being used in today’s gas inserts in combination with clean fuel like propane and natural gas, you can achieve a great heating experience with much less fuel consumption. Your heating costs will decrease significantly.
  • Comfort. Gas inserts don’t burn real wood which means you can start heating your home with the press of a button. Eliminating the need to make a whole fire by yourself.
  • More control Gas inserts offer you the opportunity to control every detail of their performance. As opposed to a wood-burning fireplace, with a gas insert, you can control things like the amount of heat being generated, and the amount of flame being displayed and even set different heating cycles.
  • Customization. With the majority of gas inserts, you can customize different sections of the design to create a gas fireplace that will not only fit but upgrade your living space to a new style.

Direct Vent Vs. B-Vent

There are 2 main types of venting methods that gas inserts use.

The direct vent is a venting method that gathers the air that is needed for combustion from the outside atmosphere. Additionally, all the gases produced by the combustion are also released into the outside atmosphere. No chimney is required for this venting method as direct vent inserts can be vented horizontally.

As opposed to a direct vent, B-Vent method gathers air from inside your home to be used in the combustion process. The buoyancy of the released gases is used to vent exhaust through the vertical dedicated pipe system that this venting method needs to function.


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