Pre-Fall Fireplace Rebates to Take Advantage of Now!

Fireplace Rebates

Whether you wish to upgrade your fireplace, or you have been thinking about investing in the warm glow of a fireplace for a while – now is the right time to do so!

With a variety of fireplace rebates currently being offered by FortisBC, taking advantage of such great savings is well-worth considering.

FortisBC Fireplace Rebates Ending Soon

There are a couple of FortisBC fireplace rebates to consider, which are both ending this year. 

First is the FortisBC EnerChoice® rebate – as mentioned on their website …

If you’re buying a new natural gas fireplace for your home, townhouse or condominium, upgrade to an eligible EnerChoice® model and you could get a $300 rebate.

In addition to the above, FortisBC is also offering a Natural Gas Fireplace Rebate. Check that one out here, and ensure you read the rules surrounding these rebates also.

Why Electric Fireplaces Are Also Worth Considering

Want to opt for an electric fireplace and forego the rebates? There are many advantage to this choice too.

We recently wrote about that in ‘The Benefits of Choosing an Electric Fireplace’ – which included:

  1. Simple Installation: with basically the only requirement being access to an electrical outlet.
  2. Energy Efficiency: Electric fireplaces convert almost all the electricity they use into heat, making them an excellent source of warmth for your home.
  3. Safe & Secure: Electric fireplaces eliminate the risks associated with traditional wood-burning fireplaces as well as gas burning – including carbon monoxide poisoning.
  4. Portable: Freestanding electric fireplaces are easy to move from room to room as desired.
  5. Eco-friendly: Electric fireplaces don’t emit harmful pollutants or greenhouse gases, making them a greener choice compared to wood-burning or gas alternatives.

Need more reasons why a fireplace purchase might be the right choice for you? Check out these additional advantages…

  • Warmth & Ambiance
  • Energy Efficiency
  • Design Appeal
  • Home Value
  • Heating Options
  • Lifestyle
  • Indoor/Outdoor Living

Visit Our Fireplace Showroom in Langley!

R.E. MacDonald is currently expanding our range of electric fireplaces to serve customers who don’t have natural gas as an option. In addition, we are currently undergoing an entire showroom remodel to offer additional options for our customers!

Shop our electric fireplaces online or visit us at our showroom at 3711 248th Street in Aldergrove. We look forward to seeing you soon.