This Fall Enjoy the Warm Ambiance of an Electric Fireplace

Electric Fireplace

Ready to warm your home this fall with the ambiance of an electric fireplace? R.E. MacDonald can help – with over 30 electric fireplaces on display at our showroom!

Discover the Ambiance of an Electric Fireplace

If you have been trying to decide what type of fireplace would best suit your home and lifestyle, we want to introduce you to IgniteXL®!

As discussed on their website

Designed to impress, the IgniteXL® Bold Linear Electric Fireplace features flexible and industry unique display options including front-facing, right or left corner and bay installations. This modern, built-in fireplace comes with a patented mirror effect that increases depth, plus advanced controls to maximize customization and enjoyment. Get creative and connect multiple units together for a dramatic statement.

This product allows you to choose from 3 flame colours, or even enhance the glow with multiple colours simultaneously.

In addition, this particular model includes small and large acrylic crystals with natural-looking driftwood, and a dynamic 16.1″ high viewing area.

Besides Dimplex, other reputable brand names we carry include Modern Flames, Simplifire, and Valor.

Need further reasons to invest in this option for your home, beyond the pure enjoyment of added ambiance? We have plenty of added reasons, as discussed in our previous blog ‘The Benefits of Choosing an Electric Fireplace’

Why Choose Electric?

Electric fireplaces have many advantages, and the choice is often based on personal preferences and specific needs.

Here is a sample the benefits of electric fireplaces:

  1. Simple Installation: with basically the only requirement being access to an electrical outlet.
  2. Energy Efficiency: They convert almost all the electricity they use into heat, making them an excellent source of warmth for your home.
  3. Safe & Secure: They eliminate the risks associated with traditional wood-burning fireplaces as well as gas burning – including carbon monoxide poisoning.
  4. Portable: Freestanding electric fireplaces are easy to move from room to room as desired.
  5. Eco-friendly: They don’t emit harmful pollutants or greenhouse gases, making them a greener choice compared to wood-burning or gas alternatives.

If you’re ready to add some warmth and ambiance to your home, we’re ready to help. Stop by our newly remodeled showroom, offering the largest display of electric fireplaces in the Lower Mainland, at 3711 248th Street in Aldergrove.

We look forward to seeing you soon!