Choosing Between a Wood Burning Fire Pit or Gas Fire Table in Langley

Deciding on which outdoor fireplace to invest in can be a daunting task. With so many to choose from, knowing which style or whether to buy a Wood Burning or Gas Fire Table in Langley can be difficult. RE MacDonald is here to help!

Choosing Between a Wood Burning Fire Pit or Gas Fire Table in Langley

Options matter, as does the look and the safety of your outdoor fire pit or fire table.

A gas fire table offers a variety of styles, finishes, faux wood and tempered glass, while also delivering a safe glow for your friends and family.

Overall, a gas fire table is easy to customize. Offering tempered glass or faux wood set in the burner, stones and an exposed flame – and more.

Safety-wise, a gas fire table can be much safer and less toxic than wood-burning fire pits. Although an excellent choice in their own right; a wood burning fire pit requires a little bit more attention to detail as it pertains to safety, burning regulations and an understanding of who will be using the it. Although beautiful and rustic, it is a specific choice for a specific homeowner.

Each city within the Fraser Valley will have their own set of wood burning guidelines throughout the year, as well as health precautions – as seen here.

Langley Gas Fire Tables for Sale at RE MacDonald

One of their many models we carry by The Outdoor Greatroom Company, is the Montego Gas Fire Pit Table, which offers a versatile design to fit any patio style.

A stylish fire pit table made of durable materials for year-round outdoor use, with clean and simple lines, putting the focus on the dazzling 12” x 42” Crystal Fire® Plus Burner.

Take a closer look at the details of the stunning wicker base right here in our showroom.

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We’re not simply fireplace distributor and installation specialists here at RE MacDonald. We also provide both indoor and outdoor kitchen appliances and products. Some of which include…

Contact us to learn more, or stop by our showroom to see our various products – including our gas fire tables. We look forward to helping you with your investment decisions!