R.E. MacDonald 2021: New Year, New Logo – Same Amazing Products and Service!

langley fireplaces

Head down the two-lane country road to 248th and Fraser Highway, and there you will discover R.E. MacDonald. We have been set in the same location for over 40 years and are proud to have been one of the very first businesses in the area.

As a local Langley fireplace store, offering the same friendly service 4-decades and running;

We continue to believe ‘local matters’. Even before that was a catchy tagline, our dedication to service within the community has expanded year-upon-year. Our products are now as far-reaching as 100 Mile House, Princeton and beyond, as customers spread the word – and we appreciate you for that!

Traditional Service with a Modern Appeal

With over 170 wood burning, natural gas, fuel pellet and electric fireplaces, as well as inserts, freestanding stoves and BBQs, R.E. MacDonald remains the go-to fireplace store in the Fraser Valley.

Aside from our wide selection of fireplaces to fit every customer’s budget and lifestyle, we also strive to ensure our customers our educated about our products and service. From the ongoing Home Renovation Rebate Program to Gas Fireplace Maintenance Service in Abbotsford, it is important to us to help our customers feel comfortable, confident and valued.

Where Value and Values Collide

As a closely knit business, we have always felt that it is important to merge our product’s value with our values. This means it is important for us to provide reputable products that will serve you and your family’s needs, maintaining open and honest discussions about cost and potential downfalls or perks of any product or service we offer.

Delivering the highest level of service is important to us too, whether your purchase is a budget-friendly Christmas gift, or you are investing in an entire gas-fitted fireplace and outdoor kitchen in Langley – we’re here to help!

Unique Christmas Gifts for Changing Times

R.E. MacDonald is thrilled to offer our customers unique Christmas gifts, especially during a time when people are spending more time at home. These types of presents are worth investing in to help create a fun at-home experience every day of the week.

omni pizza oven

Ooni Pizza Oven – is an easy-to-assemble product that is both affordable and fun. It is a close cousin to the traditional brick-and-mortar wood-fired oven that can create the perfect pizza right in your back yard. It offers a ton of features such as:

  • instant gas ignition, ready to cook in 15 minutes with temperatures up to 932°F (500°C).
  • heat control dial able to cook Neapolitan-style pizza’s in just 60 seconds
  • ceramic-fiber insulated, powder coated steel shell for superior heat retention & weather resistance
  • Stainless steel inner body, base & burner, and cast aluminum nose

And it doesn’t stop at just pizza …cook your roasted fish, vegetables, steaks – and more, within the Ooni Pizza Oven too!

everdure charcoal grill

Everdure Charcoal Grill – is totally portable and made from lightweight durable steel, with a high temperature finish and sleek cool-to-the-touch handles. The compact CUBETM is portable charcoal cooking at its easiest and is available in 4 contemporary colours!

Same Hearth, Same Heart

We felt it was an important time to update our logo and for it to represent our evolving brand. That being said, our priority remains in creating a positive experience – as with the 40-years that came before. Being the “Store in the Country” that offers a comfortable atmosphere to make your purchase a very pleasurable experience, whether in 1978 – or 2021!