Schedule Your Gas Fireplace Service for a ‘Glowing’ Summer!

fireplace servicing langley

Looking to schedule your gas fireplace service for a ‘glowing’ summer? R.E MacDonald would be happy to help!

If you are seeking gas fireplace service in the Fraser Valley or surrounding communities, R.E. MacDonald has the service providers who are ready to assist you.

As a local gas fireplace sales centre in Langley, we have been helping our customers with their gas fireplace needs since 1978. We provide expert service at the most affordable prices – while also ensuring your gas inserts and lines are fully functional and safe, season after season!

How Often Should You Have Your Gas Fireplace Serviced?

As mentioned on our services page – it is recommended that gas units be serviced every two years.

For $145 per unit for a standard fireplace (with the 2nd unit being only $109) plus parts, our service technicians will vacuum out your gas fireplace, as well as clean the glass. This not only helps prolong the lifespan of your fireplace, but our service also ensures your safety too.

Many factors can lead to your gas fireplace having an issue, and when it comes to safety – “hoping for the best” simply isn’t worth the risk.

Whether your gas line has potentially loosened in your outdoor space due to temperature changes or other factors, or your indoor line has become inefficient for reasons unknown; our licensed gas fireplace service specialist in Langley will be able to address the problem and correct it quickly.

Have an outdoor kitchen with a direct gas line? RE MacDonald also offers BBQ n’ Grills as well as gas fire Patio Tables, offering our service for these also to ensure safety and maximum benefits.

Booking a Service Call for Your Gas Fireplace

If you are looking to book a service call for your gas fireplace, our online booking system is an efficient way to do so. We will contact you within 2-3 business days to confirm your appointment.

If your city is not listed, email us at or feel free to contact your RE MacDonald gas fireplace dealer at 604-856-1551. We look forward to helping you with all your gas fireplace needs!