The Importance of Regular BBQ Cleaning + BBQ Tips for Great Grilling this Summer!

BBQ Cleaning

At RE MacDonald, as a BBQ retailer in Langley, we understand the importance of regular BBQ cleaning – and want to help our reading audience become aware of it too.

We pride ourselves as being the “Store in the Country” that offers a comfortable atmosphere to make your purchase a very pleasurable experience. Ensuring your BBQ purchase is the right choice for you is important to us, as is the maintenance of the product you choose – to ensure longevity, safety and healthy BBQ dining.

The Importance of Regular BBQ Cleaning

Regular BBQ cleaning is important to safely operate your grill. So …how often should you clean it? The short answer is – after every use.

Although no one tends to enjoy the task of cleaning their BBQ, the buildup of grill grease, carbon and carcinogenic ‘leftovers’ can be damaging to your grill as well as your health. As such, your cleaning routine should be as follows…

Clean Your BBQ After Every Use. A simple grill cleaning after every use, once the grates cool, will help minimize the ‘heavy lifting’ of a deep clean. Your BBQ wire brush will do just fine in tackling this.

6 Month BBQ Cleaning. Doing a deep clean of your BBQ every 6 months is also important. This should include disassembling your grill , checking the gas connection, as well as ensuring any rust is addresses.

Professional Grill Cleaning. A professional grill cleaning is also an option, especially if you have an outdoor kitchen and large grilling station that could use some TLC.

Did you know RE MacDonald offers BBQ demos? We do …and such an event is an excellent excuse for a professional cleaning!

RE MacDonald BBQ Demos

At RE MacDonald, we offercooking demonstrations in your back deck, where a variety of cooks come in and show what you can do with our range of BBQ products. In addition, they discuss how various features will assist you in your backyard BBQ events.

DIY BBQ Tips for Great Grilling this Summer

The Food Network offers some helpful tips for summer grilling, which include…

  1. Start with a clean grill
  2. Don’t move the food around
  3. Don’t squeeze or flatten meats
  4. Keep a spray bottle handy for flare-ups
  5. Buy a meat thermometer
  6. Avoid putting cold foods straight on the grill
  7. Undercook foods, just slightly

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