$750 Off Fireplace Installations: Pre-Season Fire(place) Sale!

Fireplace Installations

If you are a homeowner who has been considering a fireplace installation – now is an excellent time to move ahead with that idea. Why? Because R.E. MacDonald is offering $750 OFF fireplace installations all summer long during our pre-season fire(place) sale!

The Benefits of a Professional Fireplace Installation

Not only are there savings to be had this summer when you hire our professional fireplace installers, there are many additional benefits we want to share with you. Some of which include…


When it comes to fireplace installations, safety is pivotal. A professional installer has the knowledge and expertise to install your fireplace correctly, following all of the safety codes and regulations necessary. These include such safety measures as securing your gas line properly, ensuring your venting systems are in working order, and other safety measures pertaining to carbon monoxide.

Building Codes

Here in BC, we have strict building codes we must abide by. Our professional fireplace installers are well-versed in these codes and can ensure your fireplace complies with any regulations.

Home Design

As a homeowner investing in your space, your home’s design and layout likely matters to you. Our professional installers have the necessary skills to create custom designs and install mantels or other decorative elements to create a visually appealing focal point in your room.

Cost Savings

Although there is always the initial cost of the installation, the cost-saving measures are –  frankly, priceless. A properly installed fireplace operates efficiently, reducing energy waste and lowering heating expenses, along with ensuring safety.

Home Value

Overall, a professional fireplace installation can add value to your home. It provides a feature many homebuyers look for, as well as offers you – the homeowner, the chance to customize your home as you see fit.

R.E. MacDonald can help with that!

Pre-Season Fireplace Installation Sale

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At R.E. Macdonald we install fireplaces (gas and wood), including finishing and building custom kitchens. Our certified installers will deliver, custom install, and get you started using your new fireplace or outdoor kitchen. Our professionals will ensure that your product operates efficiently and is installed to the required codes for your home.

Curious to know more? Visit us at our showroom located at 3711 248th Street in Aldergrove. We look forward to helping you stay safe, adding to the appeal of your home, and saving you $750 in doing so!

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