Expand Your View this Fall with a Widescreen Gas Fireplace Insert

Ready to turn your chilly fall evenings into a cozy reality? RE MacDonald can help you with that, and encourages you to expand your view with a widescreen gas fireplace insert by Valor!

The L1 Widescreen Gas Fireplace Insert Explained

As described on the Valor website, the L1 Widescreen Gas Fireplace Insert is…

A highly effective radiant and convective heater, the L1 raises the standards for “decorative widescreen” fireplaces. Engineered to enhance flame depth and width without sacrificing efficiency, the specialized Valor burner emits radiant warmth where you want it, when you want it.

The L1 also supports the Valor HeatShift System™, which is highly recommended for installations where surrounding structural areas must remain at cooler temperatures.

So, not only do these widescreen fireplace inserts offer a modern yet timeless appeal, they also deliver on efficiency too!

Why Choose a Valor Gas Fireplace Insert from R.E. MacDonald

As described on our blog post by that very same title…

Some of the reasons our customers choose the Valor gas fireplace insert include:

  • Their old chimney requires costly repairs to fill or continually fix
  • Inefficient wood-burning fireplace are too much effort to upkeep
  • Their old fireplace doesn’t heat their space well and/or brings in toxic fumes

A Valor gas insert is a safe, efficient and easy way to update your home while saving you time and money. Such inserts can help you update your space with effective installations by our expert R.E. MacDonald technicians.

Already a fireplace owner and simply require servicing? We offer that too! With all Covid-19 safety protocols in place to keep you home safe and your fireplace working as it should.

Click here to schedule your fireplace service now, or visit our showroom to enjoy a tour and receive an in-person Free In-Home Estimate.

We are here to serve our community, providing Widescreen Gas Fireplace Inserts throughout the Fraser Valley for both indoor and outdoor use as you see fit!

If you are seeking additional ways to improves your home’s energy efficiency – check out these suggestions by BC Hydro