Handy Gas Fireplace Gadgets: The Benefits of a Valor 10 Remote

Gas Fireplace Gadgets

Looking for a creative Christmas gift option for the man in your life? Seeking ways to make the gas fireplace more comfortable in your senior parent’s home? RE MacDonald has the solution with handy gas fireplace gadgets such as the Valor 10 Remote.

Whether choosing to help or enhance; control your fireplace with added comfort and peace of mind using the Valor 10 remote control, while feeling the warmth with ease.

The Benefits of a Valor 10 Remote

The Valor 10 remote has various benefits and features, offering a 2-way communication system and tactile button feedback for optimal control. 

As described on the Valor Fireplace website, there are various remote control options for owners of a Valor gas fireplace from RE MacDonald. As far as the Valor 10 remote, these include…

The Basic – turn your fireplace on and off, change from high to low flame, set the date and time,  or change the temperature type based on your region.

The Intermediate – set your fireplace’s thermostatic mode, as well as childproofing features, timer, light, and fan controls.

Eco & Batteries – discover how the Eco Mode setting can help preserve energy, as well as how to replace the batteries in your remote control.

Program Mode – offers you the ability to control your fireplace’s heat level by Programs 1 and 2, each of which can be set to go on and off at specific times at a set temperature.

Seeking a more basic gas fireplace control system? Our recent blog – ‘The Convenience of a Valor Wall Switch for Your Fireplace’ offered information on the wall switch option…

At a very basic level, a wall switch can be used to control your fireplace. You can turn the pilot light on or off, and you can increase or decrease the flame height.

Although the thermostat and programming functions are not available with the wall switch, there are other features worth noting.

We understand that ‘gadgets’ aren’t always ideal for everyone. Which is why RE MacDonald provides a variety of product options to choose from.

Curious to know more? See what other features the Valor 10 offers here, or feel free to stop by our Aldergrove location to discuss your needs. We look forward to it!