The Convenience of a Valor Wall Switch for Your Fireplace

If you have been considering a gas fireplace for fall in the Lower Mainland, we applaud that idea! Not only does it offer ambiance, it also delivers an affordable way to heat your home while improving the value of your space too.

Along with such benefits, there are also conveniences to consider, such as a Valor Wall Switch for your fireplace. This offer you the power at your fingertips – literally.

Valor Wall Switch for Your Fireplace Explained

As a very basic level, a wall switch can be used to control your fireplace. You can turn the pilot light on or off, and you can increase or decrease the flame height.

Although the thermostat and programming functions are not available with the wall switch, there are other features worth noting.

Basic Wall Switch

Control your fireplace using the Valor Wall Switch Kit. This offers you the capability to turn your fireplace on and off, as well as adjust the flames with the touch of a button.

The optional Wall Switch Kit 1265WSK can be installed to operate the fireplace. The kit includes the switch plate and cover plate (available in white only) and 26 feet (8 m) long wiring harness. The wall switch allows the user to light and turn the flame up or down, but has no thermostat or program features. The wall switch can be used in conjunction with the thermostatic remote control. All wiring associated with this kit is low voltage (6 volts). Special considerations are required if ganging this switch with other switches of different voltage. Consult your electrician.

Remote Battery & Wall Switch

The Remote Battery Wall Switch Kit makes the fireplace batteries more accessible while consolidating their location within the Valor wall switch.

The batteries of the RBWSK are connected to the fireplace receiver and therefore, no batteries are necessary in the receiver or battery box.

Whether choosing an outdoor unit to increase your living space, or opting for a traditional indoor gas fireplace – RE MacDonald can help.

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